Updates June 2022

Renan Ferreira29 Jun 2022, 19:00:56

Widgets and templates

We are introducing Widgets, a list of more than 50 components that are commonly used on many websites nowadays, like:

  • Headers
  • Sidebars
  • Footers
  • Contact forms
  • Blog posts grid
  • Newsletter forms
  • Testimonials

And many more. All of those widgets are responsive and already styled beautifully, but you can customize them in any way to match your company’s identity.

We intend to increase this list with many other components and are happy to receive some suggestions!

Zapier Integration

Now you can connect Scribo with more than 5000 apps through Zapier. We provide a new action that can trigger a Zap, for example:

  • On form submit
  • On button click

To learn more, check out the video tutorial and the full documentation


Make.com (former Integromat) Integration

Make.com is a no-code workflow automation that has integrations with more than a thousand apps.

Like the Zapier integration, Scribo now has a custom action that can trigger a scene in Make.com

Check the video tutorial and our documentation page:


New Dashboard

Scribo now has a new Dashboard home and team page.

When you first enter the dashboard, you will see a new list of teams, with a preview image of each website.

Selection one will redirect you to the new team details page


Inside the new team details page, you now can define two important SEO parameters:

  • Robots.txt
  • Sitemap.xml

Those two are really important to maximize your SEO game.

Global configurations

Now it is possible to define global configurations values that will be applied to all pages of your project, like:

  • Favicon
  • Google Analytics
  • GTM

All of those can be overwritten on each page, using the Global Component.

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