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Renan Ferreira6 Jan 2022, 19:02:09

Scribo is a great no-code platform to host a personal or marketing blog since it supports any headless CMS. Besides not being only a content manager, Notion is a powerful all-in-one workspace that many users use to keep personal notes and create beautiful articles.

It is really easy to integrate those two platforms and create websites in minutes. In this article, you will find a tutorial showing how you can create a blog website using only a Notion project and Scribo

Duplicating Notion Template

First, you will need to duplicate the following blog template to your Notion workspace:

duplicating notion template

You can and should modify all the placeholder posts already in the template. When creating a new post, it is essential to give it a cover image and a slug. The last one is crucial because it will identify this post on the browser URL.

The last step on the Notion template is to share it with the web and copy the URL presented after. It will be used in the following steps

Setting up a Scribo website

Head up to and create an account if you don’t already have one. The next phase is to define your Team name. It is essential because the slug field will be used on your team URL. For example, a team called ACME will receive the following URL:

Creating Notion Blog on Scribo

After creating, you will be redirected to the editor. On the left sidebar, click on the “template” menu and select the Notion Template. You will be asked to provide the Notion Project ID. You will locate it on the Notion URL you copied on the first step. It will be between the last “/” and the first “?” like shown below:

After the process is finished, you can click on the preview button at the right top corner. And that’s it. Your blog is ready, deployed, and on production. All the changes you make on your Notion will be reflected in 5 minutes on your Scribo website.

Comparing with other solutions

There are lots of other Startups that transform your Notion into beautiful websites like:

The advantage of using Scribo is that Notion integration is just one of the available integrations. You can create an entire e-commerce website using the platform and still connect your Notion to manage your blog posts. All on the same service.

Another benefit is the freedom to customize your layout the way you want. You are not limited by a list of templates. On the other hand, Scribo has a higher learning curve, but we promise it will be worth it.

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