Tailwind CSS No-Code Builder

Renan Ferreira

Tailwind CSS is one of the most famous frameworks at the moment, and Scribo supports all its features out of the box.

Being a low/no-code builder, when creating a new project, you can style your pages using the controls available in the right drawer and don’t worry about writing raw CSS or attributing classes to elements.

But if you are a Front-end developer and know everything about CSS, you can use all the utility classes available on Tailwind to style your elements. At the bottom of the styles control panel, you will find the className property, where you can edit the HTML classes of the component.


As shown in the image above, it’s possible to use all of Tailwind’s 2.x classes and even combine them with breakpoints like

  • md
  • lg
  • xl

or component states like

  • hover
  • disabled
  • focus

and many more.

When to use

Besides providing a lot of controls, you may find yourself in a situation where you need a specific CSS attribute that is unavailable. In this case, you can use the className property.

The use of this property will not disable the style controls. Therefore, you can use both without any problem.


To learn more about Tailwind, access their docs website and let us know if you have any problems since CSS is always a hustle.

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