RD Station Integration

Renan Ferreira

RD Station is one of Latin America’s biggest CRM and Marketing platforms, with more than 40 thousand clients. You can collect leads, trigger marketing emails, and create a sales funnel with their products.
Now you can trigger CONVERSION events using our new RD Station Conversion Action. One of our clients’ most requested actions were generating leads on RD Station from a form in a Scribo webpage, and now you can, as shown in the image below.

Since it is an action, you can trigger it on any user interaction, like form submissions, button clicks, and many more. You will only need an API Key that you can generate by following their tutorial:


The values parameter should have at least the following properties:

  • conversion_identifier: name of the conversion
  • email

But you can send other pieces of information such as name, job title, and many more described on their documentation page:


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