Scribo Devt


Scribo is a platform that helps teams publish and manage technical documentation. We know that documenting is hard, so we would like to simplify this process.


Your docs, your datat

All documents are stored in your personal/team GitHub account. We only sync this files in order to index and provide a nice search experience.

You shouldn't need to use new tools.t

You already have your development setup. Just use your favorite code editor and create documents using the already familiar markdown. If you are not a developer, don't worry, GitHub has a great markdown editor.

Find your company's knowledget

Having many pages of documents doesn't matter if you can't find what you need. Your search engine indexes every word so, hopefully, you will find every piece of information quickly.

How it workst

Sync Diagram

As said before, Scribo pulls all docs directly and automatically from GitHub. Just:

  1. Clone your template repository
  2. Install our app
  3. Commit your first change

And that's all. You website should be up and running